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Aria Desert Rain

Compassionate Horsemanship Trainer and Coach

About Aria

Aria's journey began when her first horse joined her family. Her horse was struggling with behavioral issues and in order to help him overcome those issues and blossom Aria became a positive reinforcement training specialist with emphasis in equine emotions. This training method is what Aria calls Compassionate Horsemanship as the focus is on how the equine feels about the training whether they are learning new behaviors or practicing old ones. Aria is very passionate about equine behavior, training and care practices. She currently has three horses in training, all in different stages. Aria's goal is to assist other equine owners during their own journey to achieve a connected partnership with their equines while addressing any behavioral concerns they may have. 

What would you like to achieve with your equine?

Aria is a dedicated coach to both her human and equine students. Whether you want to teach your equine behaviors or improve your relationship with your equine Aria can help you get there! Below are some of the areas that she can help you with.

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Connection and Despooking

Learn how to read your equine's body language, validate their needs, address behavioral concerns, match steps, go for walks in hand or in liberty, familiarize your equine with novelty objects and build their confident during novelty situations.

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Gymnastic Groundwork

Teach your equine balance and rhythm as well as backing up, lateral flexions, quarters or shoulders over, pole work, feet awareness and lunging in liberty.

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Daily Handling and Trailer Loading

Catching, haltering and leading can be easy and pleasant experiences for both you and your equine, as well as standing tied, grooming, tailer loading and traveling.

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Have fun with your equine! Teach your equine how to play noseball, colors, fetch, smile, to stand on pedestals and mats, spin and to lie down.

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Healthcare Cooperation

You can teach your equine to remain calm during wound care, deworming, injections, bathing, fly spraying and picking up feet. You can also learn consent cues to allow for more communication between you and your equine.


Starting Under Saddle

Prepare your equine for riding by teaching it to willingly come and line up at the mounting block and be saddled and bridled. Learn long-reining and how to transfer your cues from the ground to the saddle.



In Person Coaching

If you live in Ridgecrest, California or within eighty miles you can schedule an in person consultation and Aria will travel to your location. We do not offer coaching lessons at our facility at the moment.

Virtual Coaching

Are you located anywhere else in the world? Schedule a virtual coaching call with Aria. Note that you will need videos of your own training sessions or videos of the behavior you want to improve so that Aria can better assess your and your equine's needs.

Video Reviews

If you have a busy schedule or if you prefer to receive feedback more often you can request a video review. Aria will analyze your video and respond with written or recorded advice.

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Our Thanks!

Our sincerest thanks to Country Boi Photography for the pictures used on this website! If you live in the Ridgecrest California area make sure to check them out!

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